About Us

Aflah Trading, Contracting and Services W.L.L. is a Manpower Contracting business concern based in Qatar. Aflah was founded to meet the expeditious need of semi-skilled & skilled manpower in all business sectors in Qatar. We intend to bridge the gap of skilled manpower requirement with qualified workforce having relevant industrial experience. Armed and equipped with our own visas covering almost all categories, we offer labour contract support and services. We are committed to provide quality services to our valued customers. We offer services in various segments such as Construction, Oil & Gas, Marine, Facilities Management, Agriculture, Industrial, Manufacturing and Hospitality sectors in both Government & Non-Government organizations in Qatar. Comprising a team of industrial experts, we have in depth market knowledge and experience of over a decade in various sectors and use stringent recruitment techniques to recruit the best hands for the job. All our recruits are guaranteed to add speed and efficiency to projects.

Why Us ?

By entrusting to us your Manpower Contracts, you will benefit the following

On-Time delivery of work - Control on liabilities - No upfront costs - Hassle-free recruitment - Free of labour issues - No additional expenses on transportation and camp facility of labours - Risk Mitigation - HR Management & Focus on Core Business Process - Quick response to customer needs - Fast & Efficient delivery - Cost Effective & Excellent after execution services - Key Accounts Managers for each project - Manage Operating Cost & No payroll Burden - Access to multi-skilled & transnational resources pool. 


Our processes are simple, customer friendly and transparent which deliver quick and quality services to our valued clients. All our recruitment and outsourcing processes are channelled through customized software. 

 * Understanding the client’s business nature 
* Understand the client needs 
* Choose the right candidate 
* Transparent and hassle free process 
* Timely service delivery 
* Operations team support 24/7